Bike Fork Mounts

The Fork Mount provides a versatile way to securely transport your bikes – maximum mounting options, without the need for tools.

Fixed Bike Racks

Our sturdy, steel framed bike rack is available in single, double and triple wheel brace options for securing up to three motorbikes or bicycles.

Rail Systems

All of our rail systems create multiple anchor points for lashing down just about anything, for safe and secure transportation.

removable WHEEL CHOCK

Our Removable Wheel Chock allows for quick installation and removal in your vehicle, with zero modification required.


We create innovative components and storage systems for your adventure vehicles to ensure there is a place for everything, and everything is in it’s place.


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What our customers say

I discovered Loaded Bikes on Instagram when I was searching for solutions to secure my bikes inside my Transporter. The rail was easy to install in the van and the individual fork mounts really easy to set up – they’re quicker and easier to use than the roof rails I have on the car.

Not only do the products look fantastic, they are super sturdy and my bikes are totally secure. They don’t wobble one bit even when driving over rough ground. I went for both disc and rim brake hub fixings and both work perfectly. I’m even looking to buy another rail so that we have the option to rack the bikes in a different position in the van depending what else we’re carrying.

Great customer service too!

Date of experience: 01 September 2022


The Loaded Bikes Team went out of their way to meet me and discuss the requirements I had for safe secure bike storage in relation to an upcoming van conversion. Their passion for their products shines through and I got loads of inspiration on how to store the bikes AND how to set up the van. The rails and fork mounts are beautifully finished and inspire a lot of confidence. They aren’t going anywhere!

Date of experience: 09 September 2022

Alan - Peebleshire 
Alan - Peebleshire

Excellent products and service! Loaded Bikes couldn’t be more helpful. Purchased the Fixed Wheel Chocks, highly recommended!


What can I say, but an amazing buying experience all round. The fork mounts are amazing quality products backed up by awesome customer service, packaging and delivery. Definitely recommend to all.

Date of experience: 28 February 2023

 The Trail Academy
Loaded Bikes - Innovative Bike Transport Solutions

I  have a double wheel chock fixed bike rack and some rail fixing points in my van and super happy with the attention to detail and workmanship in both products. Quality products and the guys are super helpful with helping get the correct product for your needs, Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!

Date of experience: 02 March 2023

Sean - Dumfriesshire 
Sean - Dumfriesshire

I heard about Loaded Bikes from a GMBN video online.

The fork mount is beautifully machined, and comes in a box with foam cutouts to keep it safe. The flush mount rail is nice and solid, and the two fit together well.

Half a turn of the screw loosens the fork mount so it can be rotated and locked back in.

When locked in place it is totally secure. Quick to attach and detach the bike. Great product, worth the price!

Date of experience: 15 February 2023


Had a chance to use the new MTB rail and fork mounts for the first time this weekend and worth every penny. The people at LOADED BIKES should be proud of what they have designed and the bikes didn’t budge.


Gotta say the gear from Loaded Bikes couldn’t be better. Fits perfectly onto the rails on my Merc and easily holds a couple of full fat e-bikes perfectly straight and still. Much better than my older home brew solution.
Thoroughly recommend having a chat with them if you need something to keep your bikes upright in transit.
A very happy customer and would recommend to anyone.
Top Gear @LoadedBikes

Date of experience: 30 March 2023


Ordered some fork mounts over the weekend with 2 different funding sources and promptly received a courtesy email checking that I wanted both orders. I then received my orders together on Tuesday with a postage refund. Awesome ! The parts themselves are the finest MTB component that I’ve ever bought! Would not hesitate to recommend.

Date of experience: 04 April 2023

Duncan - Nottinghamshire 
Duncan - Nottinghamshire

The quality of this fork mount is outstanding – the attention to detail and finish are first class. Nicely boxed, easy to install and bikes are very securely fastened. Travel damage is a thing of the past!

Date of experience: 12 April 2023

P. E 
P. E


Who Are we?

Loaded Bikes are a UK based business with a background in top level Motorsport and aerospace engineering, a passion for two wheeled sports and the great outdoors.

Over the years the ability to transport our bikes and gear by van has become essential to enabling us to do the things we love and we’ve done our fair share of playing Tetris® in the back of the van trying to squeeze in our bikes, kit and everything else we need for camping trips as our various van uses are not always compatible with each other.

When we bought our new van, we knew it would need to be able to work both for MX and MTB day trips, for weekend race events and for longer camping trips, with and without the bikes. Our journey to finding the best solutions for us led to the development of our first products – mtb fork mounts (a mountain bike van mount) and fixed motorbike racks.

We figured we can’t be the only ones who’s transport vehicle needs to adapt to various uses so we decided to launch our products for sale, and so Loaded Bikes was born and the bike fork mounts for vans and our bespoke designed fixed van bike racks became a reality.

As a small company, at Loaded Bikes we strive for perfection in everything we do, which isn’t always easy to achieve; a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to develop and deliver our products. We won’t ever skimp on quality, which is why everything we produce is designed and made right here in the UK.

We’ve partnered up with some fantastic companies to manufacture our products, as they hold the same high standards we do when it comes to precision engineering, meticulousness and quality control.

Together we make a great team and we hope you continue to like what we do!

The Loaded Bikes team.