Loaded Bikes Pair of Fork Mount Spacers



If you have several bikes with different fork widths but only travel with one at a time, or you lose the original Loaded Bikes pair of Fork Mount spacers that your fork mount came with then our spare spacer sets are just the thing for you.

Secured snugly in place by O rings, the spacers are easy to fit and remove. Our spacers are available in 8 different types to suit the most common bicycle forks, all are compatible with our fork mount. Each pair of spacers is colour coded and laser etched with the part number to help make it easier to remember which type of fork the spacers are for.

Spacer Options:

  • 9x100mm Quick Release Spacer (anodised silver)
  • 12x100mm Road & Cyclocross Spacer (anodised black)
  • 15x100mm Non-Boost Spacer (anodised green)
  • 15x110mm Boost Spacer (anodised blue)
  • 15x110mm Boost Lyric Torque Cap (anodised purple)
  • 20x110mm Down Hill Boost Spacer (anodised red)
  • 15x150mm Fat Bike Spacer (anodised orange)
  • 5x100mm Quick Release Classic Spacer (anodised gold)

If you’re not sure what spacers you need for your bike/s, you may find our What Fork Mount Adaptors do I need for my bike? article helpful.

Product information:

  • UK Designed and Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium
  • CNC machined
  • Available with a full range of spacers to accommodate a variety of fork types

If you are unsure which spacer width you need, measure the internal distance between the ends of the forks (where the quick release spindle or through axle bolt goes), as shown in the image gallery for this product.

If you have an obscure fork/axle type that will not work with any of our existing spacer options we are able to make a bespoke version for you but this will be at an additional cost. Please select the “Bespoke Spacer” option when placing your order and we will email to request further information so this can be made for you.



Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions N/A
Spacer Type

9x100mm QR Spacer, 12x100mm Road & Cyclocross Spacer, 15x100mm Non-Boost Spacer, 15x110mm Boost Spacer, 20x110mm Downhill Boost Spacer, 15x150mm Fat Bike Spacer, 5x100mm QR Classic Spacer, 15×110 Boost Lyric Torque Cap Spacer


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