Taylor Mackenzie’s Ford Transit Custom Van Build

We were relaxing one evening and as often happens, we saw a message notification come through from Instagram. It was only on opening the message that we realised it was from none other than former British Superbike rider, Taylor Mackenzie; we were stoked!  It was a little odd for us as in our early engineering career we had met Taylor’s dad Niall Mackenzie at Donnington whilst running the dyno for his track days some 15 years before.

Taylor had just bought himself a Ford Transit Custom and much like ourselves, he intended to use the van for multiple purposes ranging from MTB, Superbike and MX. He initially thought he might take on the task of completing the day van conversion himself and wanted our fixed bike rack as part of the fit out.

Taylor visited our workshop to collect the triple bike rack as well as some surface mounted rails and whilst he was with us he had a good look around our van which gave him a few more ideas for his own as he wanted to replicate the wheel arch storage solution we had created.

Loaded Bikes Threshold Mat 14

Over the coming weeks the project escalated into a bigger build than Taylor originally intended, so to help him out with the modelling of the design we contacted Ford to see if we could get the relevant of the 3D CAD data for the vehicle and Ford were very supportive in providing that.

Once we had received the data from Ford, we set about designing a similar build to our Loaded Bikes demo vehicle but on Transit Custom platform sharing various videos of the vehicle layout modelled with motorcycles and MTBs in situ.

To ensure it worked well for the various uses, we strategically placed flush rails on the floor to accommodate all of the different items that would be transported but still work within the constraints of the chassis

Although Taylor was still very keen to do as much of the build himself, time to do this around his busy work schedule was more of a factor so we guided him on various aspects. As soon as Taylor signed off on the design we were able to cost this up and put him in touch with our guy Geoff (it seems you can only carry out work on Taylor’s van if you’re called Geoff 😉 ) who took possession of the van once all the insulation and electrics had been installed to crack on with the ply lining, carpeting and wheel arch storage.

As you’d expect, the flooring went in first, which included rebates cut in to the wood ready to receive the flush rails. Next up was carpeting of the side panels and van roof.

IMG 20220804 WA0010
IMG 20220804 WA0009
IMG 20220804 WA0011

Taylor made a last min addition to the build; the installation of a halo roof system with colour changing LED lights operated by remote which we think is a really great feature and finishes the interior off nicely.

Lastly was the construction and installation of the wheel arch storage which was designed to cleverly conceal the battery units, a jetwash and compressor as well as provide space for storage of aerosols and staps. As an added bonus, they serve as a great place to sit whilst getting changed.

We are absolutely stoked how Taylor’s build came together and the final look is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing as you’d never guess such a sexy disco interior was lurking inside that plain old panel van!

Screenshot 20220907 201603
Screenshot 20220907 201537

Thanks for taking the time to read our article. If you’re after a more visual run through everything then go and check out Taylor’s YouTube channel. And if you’re looking to learn the craft of circuit riding, head over to Taylor’s website as he is now offering a training guide on this very subject!