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How to transport your mountain bike in a van?

With a much larger load space than cars, vans tend to be the go to vehicle for mountain bikers. They offer not only a place to put the bikes, but somewhere to change, shelter from the elements, or even sleep if you’re on a longer biking adventure. But even so, that may still leave you wondering just how to transport your mountain bike in a van?

What Fork Mount Adaptors do I need for my Bike?

So, you’ve decided you want to use a fork mount to transport your bike in a van or car, but how do you work out what fork mount adaptors you need for your bike? 

Taylor Mackenzie’s Ford Transit Custom Van Build

We were relaxing one evening and as often happens, we saw a message notification come through from Instagram. It was only on opening the message that we realised it was from none other than former British Superbike rider, Taylor Mackenzie; we were stoked!  

Bike Academy Davos - Boldly Going Where Tuk-Tuks have never gone Before!

When you think of a Tuk-Tuk, you may not immediately associate this vehicle with an alpine resort.

But that’s just where you’ll find the Bike Academy Davos Tuk-Tuk; zipping through the streets of Davos, located high in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by stunning landscapes and snow-covered peaks.

VAN-King now partnering with Loaded Bikes

We’ve recently partnered up with VAN-King on their Steel-Slider BiKing Station.

If you’re in the market for a sliding tray system for your Volkswagen that combines the ability to transport bikes and a cooking pod on one tray, take a look at what VAN-King has to offer.

Redknot Campers – A one stop shop for camper vans, conversions and adventure accessories!

We work with several excellent van conversion companies to help deliver the very best solutions for your road to adventure.

The guys at Redknot Campers are doing things slightly differently though. with off the shelf campervans, ready to drive out of the showroom as well as a more bespoke service helping you to achieve your dream van build.

Loaded Bikes - Official Partner with OMG Yamaha Racing

We’re pleased to share that we’ll be continuing our partnership with OMG Yamaha Racing for the 2024 British Superbike season