VAN-King, now partnering with Loaded Bikes

We’ve recently partnered up with VAN-King on their Steel-Slider BiKing Station.

If you’re in the market for a VW Transporter sliding tray system that combines the ability to transport bikes and a cooking pod on one tray, take a look at what VAN-King has to offer.

Loaded Bikes Fork Mounts on VAN King Steel Slider 3

Their Steel-Slider is available with a fixed position bike mounting option as well as our more versatile, multi-position fork mount and L-Track rail, with our combination offering a much wider range of positions for the bikes as well as being able to use the L-Track for other purposes.

If you don’t need the cooking pod, this can be easily removed then you’ll have even more room for bikes, with our fork mount facilitating secure transport of up to 6* across the width of the rear threshold.

Their Steel-Slider is load rated up to 180kg, so it’s beefy enough to handle several of the heaviest of e-bikes. Combining this with our equally robust fork mounts will ensure your bikes are secured rock solidly in the back

VAN King Loaded Bikes Steel Slider for bikes with fork mounts
*the number of bikes that will fit across the threshold will depend on the handlebar width of each bike and how you choose to orient our fork mounts.
Loaded Bikes fork mounts on VAN King Steel Slider
Loaded Bikes Fork Mounts on VAN King Steel Slider 2
Loaded Bikes Fork Mounts on VAN King Steel Slider 5