Bike Academy Davos – Boldly going where Tuk-Tuks have never gone before!

A tuk-tuk, also known as a rickshaw, is a three-wheeled motorised vehicle commonly used as a mode of transport in densely populated urban areas, carrying passengers and luggage alike where they can easily navigate through narrow streets and heavy traffic. When you think of this distinctive vehicle, you may not immediately associate it with an alpine resort.

But that’s just where you’ll find the Bike Academy Davos Tuk-Tuk; zipping through the streets of Davos, located high in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by stunning landscapes and snow-covered peaks.


Bike Academy Davos tuk tuk 0 3

If you happen to spot this distinctively styled vehicle, you may also notice the MTB and jump bikes it’s carrying to and from their bike shop which caters to riders indulging in the extensive network of trails and freeride bike park that Davos has to offer.


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Bike Academy Davos tuk tuk 0 4
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Look a little closer and you’ll find our fork mounts doing the job of holding the bikes securely in place as the Tuk-Tuk nips along. It’s one of the more unique applications for our fork mount and we feel privileged that Bike Academy Davos chose our products to help fulfil the job of safely and securely transporting their bikes to wherever they need to get them, whether that’s to customer’s awaiting receipt of their new bikes, or dropping hire bikes off ready to hit the trails.