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Loaded Bikes Van Racks & Fork Mounts
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We truly believe that Loaded Bikes+The Ply Guys = THE Ultimate Bike Van Set Up! And here’s why:

Here at Loaded Bikes we understand that nowadays the humble van is no longer just a work vehicle. The demand for vans to be able to move seamlessly from work to play has never been higher. A permanent solution for one may hinder the others. Our products are designed to meet a variety of leisure needs, providing versatility and flexibility without compromising the other uses of the vehicle.

We design high quality products, like our Fork Mount, that make it easy to transform vans from work horses to adventure vehicles with minimal fuss.

Loaded Bikes Fork Mount four bikes
ply guys loaded bikes fork mounts

The Ply Guys share this ethos and this is reflected in the innovative range of furniture they have designed specifically for a variety of vans. That is how the collaboration Loaded Bikes+The Ply Guys came about. Whether you’re after wheel arch storage, kitchen pods, pull out sliders or sliding bench/bed systems; they’ve done all the hard work figuring out what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to.

the ply guys torridon bed system
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If you’re looking for an adaptable solution enabling you to carry multiple bikes alongside storage and bench/bed furniture, then together we offer you THE only solution you’ll ever need! Loaded Bikes+The Ply Guys! The Ply Guys Torridon and Clachan units can now be specified with a cut out for the Loaded Bikes Threshold rail (no extra cost). Just make sure to add Loaded Bike Threshold Rail to the comments section when you check out any purchases with them and The Ply Guys will do the rest!

the ply guys fork mount setup from loaded bikes
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Between us we have everything you’re looking for to help you Load Up, Roll Out and Wake Up to Adventure! Loaded Bikes+The Ply Guys is a perfect match.

ply guys loaded bikes fork mounts